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PIPEX Viewer

New ways of presentation of optical sewer inspection data. Find, view and manage data – the PIPEX viewer is the ideal tools for data transfer and archiving of CCTV-inspection data. Handling of video cassettes and heavy file folders are a thing of the past.

pack data…

The PIPEX viewer export module creates viewer media automatically. All data gathered with PIPEX can be packed into one package:

  • digital pictures
  • digital movies either of complete inspection or observation related video clips
  • section graphs
  • height and temperature profile diagrams
  • printed reports

All current media types, CD and DVD (all formats including DL) are supported. The integrated burner feature reduces the task to a one button click action. It portions out the data on as many CDs or DVDs as necessary if the amount of data is bigger than the capacity of the media used. Finally the PIPEX viewer binary is being packed into the package as the most important element.


The viewer works independent of other software. It start up automatically without installation requirements when the media is inserted into the drive. But a PIPEX viewer media is far more than that, it is also a data backup that can be restored into PIPEX.

…and run viewer

Each detail data view contains extra functions like:

  • taking of snapshots from movie playback
  • random access to any video position in fractions of a second by clicking on observations
  • haircross measurement and data analysis in height profiles
  • zoom in and out in height and temperature profiles, section and manhole graphs as well as all kinds of movies and digital pictures

The PIPEX viewer program is the ultimate tool for data management, data archiving and evaluation of CCTV sewer inspection data.

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