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The perfect portable solution for field work data aquisition - live video capture.

More compact, light weight and powerful with extended functions:

  • recording and management of lateral inspections
  • extended reporting functions

  • Record your inspection data with a powerful sewer inspection program which meets all requirements of modern CCTV-inspection
  • Measurement functions
    • projecting obstructions
    • cross sectional area loss
    • deformation
    • crack width/length
  • Capture high resolution live video on hard disk with the built in digital video recorder in MPEG1/2/4 format

  • Create viewer CD/DVD media on site with all data, movies, still video and printable reports
    • in just a few minutes
  • instant - complete - on site
  • digital movie
  • still pictures
  • graphical display of sections and manholes
  • printable reports

equipped with powerful compact pc

  • fanless PC with heat pipe cooling
  • 256GB SDD boot drive
  • 1TB HDD data drive
  • optional ext. CD/DVD-burner
  • optional UPS
  • 17”-TFT-monitor with
    protection glass cover and
    1280x1024 pixel resolution
  • digital video recorder
  • RCA jack video inlet
  • RS232 interface connector
  • TCP/IP network connector
  • 5 USB-2 connectors
  • mains power inlet

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