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2D PlaxFlow is an add-on module to PLAXIS 2D. Groundwater flow is an important issue in many engineering fields such as geotechnical, environmental and hydrological engineering. In order to take groundwater flow into account in geotechnical software applications, advanced models for the simulation of the unsaturated, time-dependent and anisotropic behaviour of soil are required.

Steady state or time dependent groundwater

While the PLAXIS software by default includes options to perform steady state groundwater flow analysis, the PlaxFlow module enables users to perform time dependent groundwater analysis in a user-friendly and efficient manner.

Full coupling or ignore soil deformation entirely

Fully coupled flow-deformation analyses can be performed, allowing simultaneous calculation of changes in pore pressures and deformation which may affect each other. If users are only interested in groundwater flow, the Flow-only mode allows displacements and stresses to be excluded from the calculation.

Predefined properties for unsaturated soil behaviour

PLAXIS offers various predefined properties to define the unsaturated soil behaviour, according to common soil classification system for example Hypres, USDA and Staring. Predefined data sets for the Van Genuchten and Approximate Van Genuchten model are available for all types of soil. For experts on groundwater flow modelling, Van Genuchten model parameters can be entered manually, or user defined relationships between groundwater head, permeability and saturation can be entered.

Time dependent flow boundary conditions

Users can assign time dependent variation or fluxes to water levels, model boundaries, or soil boundaries to simulate various complex hydrological conditions. The input of the time dependant properties is based on harmonic, linear, or table functions. This allows the modelling of seasonal variations of river water level behind embankments and their effect on the overall slope stability. Precipitation, wells and drains can be included in the model, allowing pumping tests or other hydrological applications to be modelled.

  • Possibility to perform fully coupled flow-deformation analysis
  • Time dependent boundary conditions (linear, harmonic and user defined)
  • Various predefined data sets for  SWCC based on different soil classification systems (standard, Hypres, USDA and Staring)


  • Various Soil Water Characteristic Curves (SWCC) (Mualem-Van Genuchten, approximate Van Genuchten and user defined)
  • Various predefined data sets for  SWCC based on different soil classification systems (standard, Hypres, USDA and Staring)
  • Various boundary conditions for flow (seepage, head, prescribed boundary flux, infiltration/precipitation, drains and wells)


  • Possibility to simulate mechanical behaviour of partially saturated soils in all existing types of calculations (plastic, safety, dynamics and consolidation analyses)
  • Possibility to perform fully coupled flow-deformation analysis
  • Option for Flow Only calculation
  • Automatic time stepping for fully coupled flow-deformation and groundwater flow analyses


  • Suction
  • Relative permeability
  • Groundwater head
  • Flow results in addition to displacements and stresses


  • Staged construction in time
  • Soils with collapse risks (compacted soils)
  • Slope stability analysis (landslides, effect of environment (rain, flooding etc.) on slope stability)

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