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PLAXIS 2D Suite, including the Dynamics, PlaxFlow and Thermal module is a powerful and user-friendly finite element package intended for two-dimensional analysis of deformation and stability in geotechnical engineering and rock mechanics. PLAXIS is used worldwide by top engineering companies and institutions in the civil and geotechnical engineering industry. Applications range from excavations, embankment and foundations to tunnelling, mining and reservoir geomechanics.

One package, many applications

PLAXIS is equipped with a broad range of advanced features to model a diverse range of geotechnical problems, all from within a single integrated software package.

The most efficient tool for geotechnical modelling

PLAXIS uses predefined structural elements and loading types in a CAD-like environment. This empowers the user with fast and efficient model creation, allowing more time to interpret the results.

Fast and efficient finite element model creation and analysis

The user-friendly interface of PLAXIS 2D guides the user to efficiently create models with a logical geotechnical workflow. Via Boreholes users can define complex soil profiles or geological cross-sections. In the Structures mode, structural elements, like piles, anchors, geotextiles, and prescribed loads and displacements can be defined. Via Staged Construction users can perform a realistic simulation of the construction process. Powerful post-processing allows users to extract the necessary information to judge the soundness of their designs.

2D Dynamics

Soil and structures are often not only subjected to static loads due to construction in and on the ground surface but also to dynamic loads. When loads are powerful, like for example earthquakes, they may cause severe damages. In urban areas, vibrations can be generated due to pile driving, vehicle movement, heavy machinery or train travel. With the 2D Dynamics module PLAXIS 2D can analyse the effects of vibrations in the soil.

2D PlaxFlow

Users can assign time dependant variation or fluxes to water levels, model boundaries, or soil boundaries to simulate various complex hydrological conditions. The input of the time dependant properties are based on harmonic, linear, or table functions. This allows the modelling of seasonal variations of river water level behind embankments and their effect on the overall slope stability. Precipitation, wells and drains can be included in the model, allowing pumping tests or other hydrological applications to be modelled.

2D Thermal

The thermal module is necessary when the effects of heat flow on the hydraulic and the mechanical behaviour of soils and structures need to be taken into account in geotechnical designs with PLAXIS. In the PLAXIS 2D Suite, the Thermal module can be used to it’s full potential.

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