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The software application PMM.Net supports you throughout the planning, administration, control, calibration, and capability analysis of your gauges. It effortlessly facilitates highly effective and efficient gauge management – from simple calipers to the most highly complex multi-dimensional gauges.

  • Compliant with ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, VDA, QS 9000 and HACCP
  • VDA 5 proof of suitability
  • Standard-compliant MSA / gauge capability inspections
  • Display inspection plans in accordance with VDI/VDE 2618
  • Dynamic location/storage related inspection intervals
  • Complete inspection history of characteristics and gauges
  • Evaluation of gauge suppliers
  • Integrated inspection plan management
  • Inspection history and gauge life-cycles at location of storage / utilization
  • Integrated standards and fitting tables
  • Production-accompanying calibration


Recurrent jobs or minute differences between gauges: The software application PMM.Net® enables holistic gauge management and consistent accountability regarding your inspection equipment status. Family inspection plans and inspection plan references help you simplify your inspection planning and allow you to manage even the largest number of gauges or most complex inspection tasks. The number of necessary inspection plans is thereby reduced to a fraction of the implemented gauges. Freely definable characteristic types nonetheless mean that you are always flexible, so that even the remotest change to your stocked gauges can be depicted.

The tools for rapid and comfortable gauge capability monitoring in accordance with MSA 1-6 and the VDA 5 proof of capability that are integrated in PMM.Net® ensure that you can always manage your gauges in compliance with official rules, standards, and regulations.

Software Gauge Management
Capability inspections: manually, via online interface or multi-dimensional gauge connectors

Plan and process your capability inspections and comfortably acquire measurement values in the manner you are familiar with from all other CAQ.Net® software modules: manually, automatically, via online interface or multi-dimensional gauge connectors – PMM.Net® allows you to easily tackle your inspection jobs in a standard-compliant fashion.


In order to be able to simplify the integration of gauges into your daily inspection planning processes, the software application PMM.Net® contains a variety of predefined fitting tables and inspection standards such as DIN 286, DIN 862, DIN 863, or DIN 7162. Simply select the applicable entity from the overview while planning your inspection or defining your inspection characteristics – thanks to the complete integration of these standards, there is no need to consult additional tables and thus the likelihood of typos or data transmission errors is eliminated.

Regardless of whether you let your gauges be calibrated externally, offer calibration-services yourself, or lend gauges to customers and suppliers: The software application PMM.Net® ensures that you always know the status, whereabouts, and utilization of your gauges and can manage even the most complex gauge or tool groups at the click of a button. No matter whether you are dealing with individual gauges or whole measurement systems – PMM.Net® means you can always provide all required information regarding your equipment. The integrated VDI 2623 standard for the exchange of gauge management data furthermore allows you to conveniently exchange all gauge-relevant information in the CDE format (Calibration Data Exchange Format).

The comprehensive and finely scalable history function allows you to always keep an overview of the quality and suitability of your gauges and lets you instantly identify trends or negative developments and thus react before your gauge malfunctions.

Document your successful gauge management with the integrated and standardized forms or customized, company-specific reporting diagrams. PMM.Net® thereby puts you ahead of your processes – regardless of whether you are interested in graphic repeatability evaluations or the documentation of inspector-specific measurement effects. The flexible and easily usable form generator enables you to design your own documents and reports via drag & drop – no programming skills or external services required.

Many gauges consist of several individual components and thus exhibit a special challenge for the organization and execution of calibrations and maintenance jobs. The software application PMM.Net® therefore allows you to consolidate any number of a gauge’s components in one group. This allows you to synchronize inspection dates and ensure that the entire device is calibrated in one go – thereby significantly reducing the planning effort and power-off hours caused by otherwise varying calibration dates.

Several of our customers implement PMM.Net® in order to manage over 100,000 gauges in just one production site. It is especially in these cases, that the integrated lending and storage monitoring functions via barcode, QR, and RFID provide a considerable simplification of all gauge-related management processes. The software can also be easily connected to existing automated measurement equipment storage facilities or gauge-conveyor devices.

Acquisition, maintenance, inspection – these are cost aspects that you always need to keep an eye on. And of course, PMM.Net® provides comprehensive assistance for these matters as well. It allows you to conveniently retrieve current numbers and facts at the click of a button and use this data to compile detailed cost-center or gauge-specific financial overviews. The software application PMM.Net® thereby allows you to lay the foundations for effective and efficient gauge-related cost controlling.

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