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Pocket Harvest Control Software



Pocket Harvest is the Windows Mobile version of Isodaq's HARVEST software package used to initialise, configure and read all Isodaq loggers and outstations in the field. It is available for Windows Mobile (3, 5 or 6).

Pocket Harvest provides all the functionality to operate both the logger only and telemetry logger versions of the following models:

  • Hawk RT
  • Hawk XT
  • VF series
  • Frog
  • Tadpole
  • Hawkeye2

  • Set up logger for sensor inputs
  • Read logger or interrogate outstation
  • Set up logging strategy and intervals
  • Calibrate sensors and set initial values
  • Monitor current values and battery voltage levels
  • Configure alarm settings
  • Set-up alarm hysteresis levels
  • Activate control output on alarm
  • Configure and test telemetry modems
  • On demand dial-out to any site (if fitted with USB modem)
  • Graph data for all channels
  • Zoom in/out and check values
  • Export data to CSV or XML format files.

Pocket Harvest can be purchased for operation on Windows Mobile handheld PDAs. We recommend the Juniper Systems range of ruggedised field PDAs as the ideal host for Pocket Harvest.

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