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The PONDS 3.3 Application Suite is a popular stormwater drainage calculation software used mainly in the state of Florida for design, analysis, and permit-level support documentation for: wet-bottom & dry-bottom retention/detention ponds. sizing of water quality treatment ponds according to new FDEP stormwater rules. exfiltration trenches. filter systems. underdrain systems. swales, overland flow, vegetated natural buffers, and channel flow treatment systems. Water quality calcs based on pre-post N and P loading.

The output from the software facilitates ease of review of compliance with water quantity/quality criteria established by the various water management districts, FDEP, FDOT, and other regulatory entities. The software is unique in that it performs simultaneous ground water and surface water calculations, including true stormwater routing.

Also featured is the newest program module which anticipates forthcoming state-wide rule changes related to water quality volume requirements. The new module will calculate the water quality volume required by the new (and still evolving) FDEP stormwater rules for typical dry and/or wet ponds.

This workshop takes you step by step through numerous examples, where you will learn about the theory, use and practical application of the various modules within the PONDS 3.3 Software Application Suite. The participant will enter data, run the model, change input data to see sensitivity, view tabular and graphical results, and gain an appreciation of the meaning of each input parameter and the various output options.

Each participant will need to bring a laptop (with a wireless internet capability, if possible) and we will provide a temporary hardware lock to run the software for the duration of the 1 day workshop. One laptop should be shared by a maximum of 2 participants to gain the full benefit of this workshop. The software will be installed at the workshop.

If the participant does not have a laptop, let us know in advance as we have only a limited number of laptops available to loan at the workshop.

All training material is posted online in pdf format and there will be no hardcopy manuals or handouts. Wireless internet access will be available at all workshops to facilitate online access to the training material.

Breakfast and lunch as well as refreshments at breaks will be provided.

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