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Track and monitor your Lancaster UAV in real time.

Real-Time Monitoring

  • It doesn’t get more real time than PrecisionFlight.
  • PrecisionFlight is an easy to use platform providing real time information about your Lancaster's location, flight path, altitude, and battery health. Use PrecisionFlight to ensure your UAV is flying as intended to collect the best possible data.

Intuitive and Simple User Interface

  • Its user-friendly. Navigating through the platform does not involve complex functions. Instead, you are presented with a clean and simple interface, one that you can utilize without the need for advanced knowledge in flying an aircraft.

Works On Various Operating Systems

  • The application can be used on Mac, Windows and Microsoft Surface devices. Switching to a different OS is not a requirement; you can simply download the version for your device and you’re good to go.

Offline Functionality

  • Once you’ve saved missions on PrecisionFlight, an internet connection will no longer be needed. It can track and monitor the UAV while offline which gives you the flexibility to gain situational awareness of your UAV’s status from a few yards to tens of kilometers away.*

Playback Flight Logs

  • Trace back the history of your UAV’s planned missions.
  • PrecisionFlight records all of your UAVs flight plans. These are especially significant when troubleshooting an error that may have been caused by a past mission.

Battery Swap Feature

  • If you are running low on battery, the Lancaster will automatically land without canceling your mission. Once the battery has been replaced your UAV will resume the mission right where it left off.

Health & Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS)

  • Besides providing real-time information on the latest location of your Lancaster, PrecisionFlight also features an instrument panel that gives you updates on the altitude, speed, direction and battery health. Through these parameters, you can diagnose your Lancaster; whether it’s functioning properly or not.

If you spot a problem and want to retrieve your Lancaster, PrecisionFlight has Emergency Buttons that prompt it to perform various recovery actions.

Land Now
This command will stop your current mission and direct your Lancaster back to the location from which it took off or area you choose.

Emergency Descent
Emergency Descent prompts the Lancaster to descend to about 30 meters in its current location and circle until it is safe to resume the mission.

Go to Loiter
Go to Loiter prompts your Lancaster to head toward designated ascending or landing loiter points. It functions the same as a pause button, but does not cancel your mission.

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