- Software Suite for Environmental Noise Projects


The Predictor – LimA software suite is an extremely efficient software package for environmental noise projects. The suite bundles the intuitive Predictor software and flexible LimA software in one powerful, integrated state-of-the-art package that provides the best solution for whichever project you have. Predictor and LimA use the state-of-the-art LimA calculation cores with huge capacity and high calculation speed so that you get results quickly while reducing your investment in computing power.

The Predictor-LimA software suite is available in several configurations to match various applications and budgets. All configurations include the intuitive Predictor interface, SourceDB with the Imagine Sound Power database, and Georeference for quickly creating georeference models from aerial photos. All configurations also include dual core support and a model license, allowing modelling with the Predictor system on several linked PCs.


Setting up a project is easy with Predictor-LimA’s intuitive interface  and well organized project structure. Predictor-LimA has been  designed according to the Windows design guide to match the basic  functionalites like copy, paste, undo & redo. Learning to use the  software is therefore easy and enables you to focus on the project  and not on how to use the software.


Predictor-LimA calculation cores have been independently proven  to be the fastest calculation cores available - an independent report  proving this, can be seen on www.bksv.com/predictor-lima. Another powerful and unique feature is the integrated book- keeping system for data and results which protects the user from  inconsistencies between input data and results.Results are always  consistent with the input data. This feature ensures reproducible  results, saves valuable time and leads to higher quality.


Predictor-LimA supports the latest 64 bits Windows versions and  the latest GIS and CAD import/export formats. The support of Web  Map Services (WMS) makes it possible to use on-line topographical  maps directly as background maps in the software. Models can be  viewed in the internal 3D viewer or in 3D in Google Earth TM. With the integrated macro functionality it is even possible to automate the  complete workflow from data import and calculation to creating the  noise map and making an analysis of noise exposed population. This will save the user time and reduce the risk of human error.

A complete solution

Predictor-LimA is the complete  solution for all environmental  noise projects; industrial, road and  rail traffic, aircraft or from wind  turbines. The software is used by a  wide range of consultants, industries, authorities and educational institutes around the world.

Also for noise management

As the world gets more populated, the need for noise management  and control grows. The integrated version control and multi-model  database of Predictor-LimA is ideal for monitoring and managing  noise models over time. A noise model within a Predictor-LimA project  can contain not only calculated noise levels but also permitted and  measured noise levels. Additionally noise models can be checked out by  the area owner, be modified by an external consultant and checked in  again. All changes made by the external user are reported by  Predictor-LimA. In this way the available acoustic space can be  monitored and protected. This unique system is particularly useful for  authorities that need to manage the noise from large industrial areas  with several companies, such as harbours and petro-chemical sites.

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