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For the administration and for recharging of prepaid credits we are offering an extensive management system. With this system the prepaid water meter and its corresponding user data can be individually managed. The extend of the management infrastructure is flexibly adaptable depending on its complexity.


The prepaid card is a rechargeable transponder card onto which prepaid credits are loaded by the PoS- Terminals. The card is placed onto a prepaid water meter to open the valve and draw water, electricity, gas or heating.


With the Point of Sale Terminal prepaid credits can be recharged on to prepaid cards. The compact design and the integrated battery also allow the mobile use in the field. Security is given by the mandatory authentication with a PIN and the corresponding ID card and the recording of every transaction. For synchronization and management of the data the PoS-Terminal is connected to a computer.

Recharge Automat

The recharge automat is placed at an easily accessible site. Required amounts can be charged onto the prepaid card using coins and notes.


When using charging by card an enhanced software can be offered on demand to analize the data from the PoS-Terminals on a computer. If several PoS-Terminals are supposed to be link with each other additionally a server is required.


Reliability, data confidentiality and integrity of the system are important properties which insure a high security of our software products. The management system developed by us is based on powerful and standardized encryption methods (AES-256) which are also implemented by the banking industry or the military. Critical code passages are constantly reviewed by several employees for mistakes. Beside the newest programming methods iSAtech is always using current programming language and tools.


The system is secure at all levels. Communication between the prepaid card and the prepaid meter system and PoS-Terminals as well as mobile network connection are encrypted. Every transaction is assigned with a unique transaction number and is system wide traceable.


Our management system is growing with its requirements. The basic setup includes the iSAtech software with which the transaction data can be transferred from the PoS-Terminal, analyzed or transferred on to other systems. For extensive installations the iSAtech software can be upgraded. Enabling for example the networking of several PoS-Terminals and a implementation of regional differing tariff structures. The volume, scaling or time bound tariffs are just as easy to apply. An upgrade can also concern a support in maintenance or the integration into other ERP systems. The entire management system is furthermore conceived for offline operation. That means even if a terminal or a computer with the management software has no permanent connection to the server, it is still possible to use all vital functions. Modified data is synchronized at a later time.


Setup of the management system or the administration of the data is simple and clear. In every area standardized components facilitate the installation and application of the system. The management software offers a comfortable overview of all transactions and data. For special requirements we customize the management system and help with the implementation and introduction.

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