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ProcessOpt is designed to help plant personnel respond proactively to the plant process issues most likely to cause operational problems or harm unit equipment. It does this by continuously applying advanced process analytics to monitor the variables most likely to indicate the emergence of equipment health problems or undesirable operating conditions. ProcessOpt uses advanced analytics to watch for a large number of adverse situations; for each situation there is a trigger that generates an alert whenever that situation begins to develop; each situation is sufficiently specific that when ProcessOpt alerts plant personnel to it, they will have an informed sense of what is going wrong and what to do about it.

We package triggers together that are focused on the same pain so that you can have just those triggers that are most relevant to your particular situation. Here are some of the trigger packages we offer:

  • early awareness NOx and CO excursions and/or exceedances
  • warning of impending equipment failure
  • protection against heat rate degradation over the short term
  • protection against heat rate degradation over the long term
  • custom packages (e.g. thermal efficiency, turbine health, back-end emissions removal performance, etc.)


  • Surfaces critical process and equipment health issues
  • Alerts you to operational concerns
  • Gets the right information to the right people
  • Increases situational awareness
  • Increases benefits from closed-loop optimization

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