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PROOSIS is a Propulsion Object-Oriented Simulation Software tool based on EcosimPro. It provides additional features for modelling gas turbines.

PROOSIS is a modelling and simulation environment for continuous 1D physical systems and discrete events designed to simulate aerospace propulsion systems. The first versions of what would become PROOSIS were born under the VIVACE project (VI Framework Programme of the EU) and enhanced during the CRESCENDO project (VII Framework Programme of the EU). Those projects provided the basis for the creation of a state-of-art modelling and simulation tool for gas turbines that would take into account hundreds of the aeronautical industry requirements. EA implemented most of these requirements in a new software tool called PROOSIS (PRopulsion Object Oriented SImulation Software, in ancient Greek proosis means propulsion). PROOSIS has been available for industry use since 2008 and every year is release a new version with additional capabities requested by the users.

It provides tools for conceptual design of an engine, facilitating the analysis of the impact of different configurations and preliminary dimensioning of equipment, mono-point and multi-point design, parametric studies, sensitivity analyses, customer deck generation, optimisation studies, multi-fluid models, maps handling, etc.

PROOSIS has all the simulation power of EcosimPro and adds a set of extra capabilities for modelling aeronautical gas turbines, some of which are:

  • Sensitivity calculation wizard
  • Wizard for creating design and off-design calculations. This is a powerful system-design tool that can be used in design studies in one or more workplaces
  • Calculation with closed equations or inequalities: this makes it possible to incorporate equations in the form of constraints in the design calculations
  • Calculation of engine steady states and transients
  • Description of turbine machinery actuations by means of various kinds of actuation maps (eg BETA, MFT,etc)
  • Plotting operating graphics on compressor or turbine actuation maps
  • The TURBO library, which contains all the standard components of a gas turbine (compressors, turbines, fuel chambers, etc). All the components are configurable and have the source code of each so that users can transform them
  • The ENGINE library, with several sample engine configurations based on the TURBO library
  • A sophisticated Customer Deck tool for exporting models which enables the modeller to export simulation models as black boxes. Through a dialogue with the user, a model can be easily exported for re-use on different platforms without having to install PROOSIS. It uses ARP4868, which defines the API common to engine performance programs

PROOSIS keeps the multidisciplinary nature of EcosimPro by incorporating all its capabilities, so it models not only gas turbines, but also other systems such as mechanical systems, thermal systems, control systems, etc.

Any library or model that runs in EcosimPro also runs in PROOSIS, although models made in PROOSIS using the TURBO library can not be used in EcosimPro.

PROOSIS is being used in the aeronautical and space industry to design new gas turbines, new engine architectures, rocket engines, etc.

General capabilities

  • Multidisciplinary dynamic simulation
  • Powerful symbolic and numeric handling of equations
  • Object-oriented modelling language: information hiding, encapsulation, single and multiple inheritance, etc.
  • Checking of simulation integrity at any time by means of assertions and variable ranges
  • Powerful graphical tool to create new components by dragging and dropping icons from a palette
  • Direct access to external functions in FORTRAN, C and C++
  • Reusable multidisciplinary libraries: MATH, CONTROL, ELECTRIC and THERMAL
  • Optimised to work with thousands of equations
  • Automatic C++ code and dynamic link library (DLL) generation
  • ActiveX Control generation
  • Drag and drop export for outputs (files and graphs) to Office applications

Mathematical capabilities

  • Symbolic handling of equations (e.g.: derivation, equations reduction, etc.)
  • Robust solvers for non-linear equations (Newton-Raphson) and DAE systems (DASSL and Runge-Kutta). EcosimPro controls the mechanism to interact with these solvers.
  • Use of dense and sparse matrix formats depending on the size of the Jacobian matrix. This allows problems with thousands of state variables to be simulated.
  • Math wizards for:
    • Defining design problems
    • Defining boundary conditions
    • Solving algebraic loops
    • Reducing high-index DAE problems
  • Clever mathematical algorithms based on graph theory to minimise the number of unknown variables and equations.
  • Powerful discrete events handler to detect when events occur.
  • Powerful root finder mechanism based on Zbrent and Illinois methods. It is completely transparent to the user so the exact moment of the crossover of discrete events can be determined.

EcosimPro and PROOSIS have a modelling language called EL (EcosimPro Language). This language is used to model dynamic systems.

Its main advantages are:

  • Non-causal modelling
  • Simple syntax to model your components
  • Object-oriented simulation language, with single and multiple inheritance among components, aggregation, virtual equations, etc
  • Any kind of discrete event from the system can be modelled
  • Integrity checking of simulation by using assertions and variable ranges to check values at any time
  • Connection ports to simplify component definition and topology
  • Powerful experiment language to define steady-states studies, transient studies and parametric studies
  • Experiment language for creating multiple simulation cases for the same model in the same experiment. The modeller can sequentially calculate steady states and transients

Other advantages:

  • Multidimensional arrays
  • Tables for 1D, 2D and 3D
  • Enumerative types
  • Logical operators AND, OR, NOT for logic expressions
  • Normal and delayed assignments
  • Math library with classical elementary functions (sin, cos, tan, sinh, cosh, tanh, atan, log, log10, sqrt, etc.)
  • Statements expand to model arrays of equations
  • Declarative programming for input equations. No matter what the format of the input equation, the program will transform it symbolically when necessary

Any EcosimPro model can be exported to other environments:

  • An ANSI C++ class is generated automatically for the final model ready to be reused in other projects
  • A MS Excel addin is provided to run simulations from a spreadsheet
  • An ActiveX connection is available so that the standard COM can be used to re-use any model from other programs
  • It generates a stand-alone executable to run models outside the tool
  • A connection is provided so that any model can be run from Matlab/Simulink

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