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Protecting Water Tanks Solutions


Protecting Water Tanks and Pipes from Corrosion and Scale Formation. The Problem: In any water system, hot or cold, over time corrosion sets in and there is a buildup of scale deposits on the inner surfaces of water tanks and pipes. Corrosion and scale cause major problems: Scale deposits inhibit water flow and increase energy usage, corrosion leads to increased maintenance costs and effects the systems life expectancy, another by-product of corrosion is “red” or contaminated water that is unsuitable for reuse. An efficient and cost effective solution to these problems significantly improves water quality and reduces overall operating costs.

Elgressy's solution is based on electrolysis technology and can be installed both in hot and cold water systems.
The technology both prevents corrosion and works to cure the affects of corrosion already present in the system and is effective in water tanks and all the pipes leading in and out of the system, whether galvanized, plastic or Copper.

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Safe Drinking Water
  • Saving Resources
  • Prevents Damage and Blockage
  • Extended Sytem Lifespan
  • Low Installation Costs

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