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- Version 3.0 - Advanced Pump Selection and Catalog Production


PumpBase is a sophisticated software application that finds the best pumps for your liquid conveyance design whether its a water distribution system or a chemical delivery system. You define the pumped liquid, operating parameters and specify up to 40 additional selection criteria. PumpBase includes many Catalogs that contain thousands of curves from dozens of participating pump manufacturers and can import any future updated Catalogs. Detailed reports are produced that can be sent to pump manufacturers and sales reps for further application verification and price quotes.

Curve Entry via ImageGraphical Curve Entry - This latest version introduces the ability to enter pump trims from jpg, bmp or gif images. It is a much faster process of entering curves (and users say it's even fun!) Any Pump performance curves can be grabbed from web pages, and once calibrated, you simply click your mouse on the important points of the pump curves to enter them. Your curves are plotted directly on the image using PumpBase's mathematics which assures you the data is being captured correctly.

Multi-Stage Analysis - Detailed analysis of the exact required trim sizes for each individual trim size is provided in this latest version. The algorithm is very fast and accurate and saves engineers a lot of time when determining optimal trim sizes for machining.

Two Way Communication with HYDROFLO - With one click HYDROFLO passes a pump's calculated operating flow and head to PumpBase for pump selection. Add any additional selection criteria to your search and obtain all the pumps that will do the job. With another click PumpBase passes back a selected pump's curve to HYDROFLO for use in your design.

The Catalog Builder version can do everything from pump selection to build pump Catalogs. This version is for companies that want to create full Catalogs of pump lines and distribute them to end-users, customers, sales reps and distributors so that they can chose from those pumps when doing highly productive and accurate pump selection on their PC. Pump Manufacturers can build and test Catalogs of their pump lines.

User version can load Catalogs, get fluid system operating results from HYDROFLO and perform pump selection on those results. View and select from Pump Catalogs. Enter and edit your own Pumps.

The Academic version has all the pump selection and editing functionality of the other versions but cannot load additional Catalogs (it uses the included Catalogs and it cannot create Catalogs - but hey, it's free to use!)

All Versions Feature...

  • Detailed multi-stage analysis with optimal impeller trim determination - new!
  • Complete pump curve entry and editing via text and jpg, bmp or gif image -new!
  • Communication with HYDROFLO for pump selection from calculated operating point values.
  • Detailed power curves overlaid on pump performance curves - new!
  • Required motor and frame size based on NOL operating point - new!
  • Point by point head and flow readouts with mouse movement on performance curves - new!
  • Affinity Law conversions for both individual speed/impeller trims and complete pumps - new!
  • An extensive and editable liquid property database.
  • Automatic viscosity and manual corrections to pump curves for any liquid property.
  • Efficiency and NPSHR curves plotted on pump graphics and in tabulated form.
  • Standard English and SI (metric) units available.
  • Create project files to save all selection information for a search.
  • Links to manufacturer's web pages, pump PDF documents and quick emailing - new!
  • Liquid temperature rise calculations and warnings.
  • Individual pumps can be sent to other users - new!
  • Filtering of pump selection results - new!
  • Listing of rejected pumps with cause - new!
  • Extensive detailed Help file.

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