Quantum Compliance

Q EHS Industrial Hygiene Software Module


The Q EHS Industrial Hygiene feature meets the data management needs of hygienists at both the corporate and plant levels. This comprehensive yet flexible tool effectively manages the simplest data collection task to the most complex tasks.

Industrial Hygiene work with Safety, Injury-Illness, Training Tracking, and MedicalTracking to track and update results for a variety of monitoring initiatives including:

  • Sound level surveys
  • Noise dosimetery
  • Radiation monitoring
  • Personnel monitoring
  • Programs of passive monitoring
  • Workplace area monitoring

Productivity Enhancement

Industrial Hygiene provides tools to more efficiently manage information and sampling data collected during employee monitoring and surveillance programs. It is designed to give you tools to better assess an employee’s exposure based on their work profile. The system also provides a framework to track and manage data vital to maintaining compliance and profitability. 


Q EHS also manages other information related to employee medical and training records, illness and injury reporting, respirator programs, work permits, hazard communication standards, process safety management, and much more. Industrial Hygiene has full ties to information throughout key areas of Q EHS, including:

  • SDS information
  • Training records
  • Programs for passive monitoring
  • Illness and injury records
  • Medical exam information
  • Equipment management