Quantum Compliance

Q EHS Water Modules


To address the performance and compliance issues associated with your water management Q EHS offers three modules: Discharge Effluent Monitoring, Groundwater Monitoring and Stormwater Management.


Each module contains a toolset to:

  • Manage operational and compliance imposed monitoring activities
  • Track recordkeeping obligations
  • Estimate effluent loadings
  • Generate regulatory reports
  • Generate excursion reports and track corrective actions

Module workflow is designed to manage monitoring activities, recordkeeping obligations, effluent loading estimates, preparation of regulatory reports, and generation of excursion reports.

Monitoring Activities

  • Simplifies collection and capture of visual observations and analytical results by building templates based on specific requirements for each program
  • Fully documents chain of custody through collection and analysis cycles
  • Integrates with laboratory information systems using crossed referenced sample logs
  • Captures flow and processes data from plant information systems

Recordkeeping Obligations

  • Maintains discharge and quality limits, permit conditions and inspection requirements for each operational unit; monitors well and discharge points
  • Schedule, assigns, and tracks completion of tasks
  • Issues email notifications for task assignments (guidelines, instructions, and procedures)
  • Standardizes procedures with electronic inspection forms and checklists.

Effluent Loading Estimates

  • Preloaded calculations estimate effluent loading
  • Customizes the calculations to address site-specific needs
  • Stores all calculations, computations and equations in easy retrieval formats
  • Uses loading estimates to prepare EPA SARA 313 reports

 Preparation of Regulatory Report

  • Supports export to regulatory systems
  • Prints all documents

Generation of Excursion Reports

  • Automatically compares analytical data and effluent limits to permit limits and conditions

Q EHS Water supplies verification worksheets that show intermediate calculations and annual summary reports. The same information used to generate standard Form R/A reports can also be validated against other regulatory and user-defined lists, providing quantity of chemicals processed, manufactured, and emitted.

The system takes into account de minimis and activity/use exemptions, as well as special rules such as the “High/Low” rule and lower PBT threshold amounts, when determining reportable chemicals. Inventory information may be entered manually or downloaded from a purchasing or ERP system into Q EHS Water. Using these inventory information and chemical composition records, Q EHS Water aggregates all 313 chemicals and chemical categories to determine which are Form R or Form A reportable. Our Form R Report output is compatible with EPA's TRI-ME software.