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Quality Objectives & Targets



In today's highly competitive marketplace, organizations must strive to continually improve quality standards, coordinate with regulatory compliance, and integrate with goals for business profitability. The Intelex Quality Objectives & Targets Software System addresses these concerns by simplifying the objectives & targets identification process and providing automated results tracking. Intelex’s quality objectives & targets software utilizes Quality Tasks and real-time reporting to focus organizational efforts.

  • Centralized System
    Capture quality objectives and targets data in a central system.
  • Comprehensive Planning of Objectives
    Automated prompts let you create a quality objective and target for specific aspects and a target date for achieving each objective.
  • Track All Quality Management Activity
    Track Quality Management Program activity descriptions, costs, person responsible, and targeted completion date.
  • Organization-Wide Consistency
    Establish a consistent approach for managing workflow processes.
  • Define Clear Quality Procedures
    Ensure quality procedures and responsibilities are clearly identified, recorded, and implemented.
  • Escalating Email Notifications
    Send automated, escalating email notifications to individual employees, workgroups, departments, or locations.
  • Easy Setup
    Easy setup saves time organizing quality data. Utilize hierarchical folder trees; shortcuts to master versions; and browser-based cut, copy and paste functionality.
  • Boardroom–Quality Reports
    Generate real-time reports at a moment’s notice.

The Intelex Quality Objectives & Targets System is available individually or as part of the Quality Management and Integrated Management Systems.

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