Quantum Compliance

- EHS Enterprise Software System


The Q EHS Enterprise Software system is a fully integrated, enterprise-wide Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) platform that simplifies your corporation’s EH&S information management, increases workplace safety, and reduces risk exposure to regulatory citations.

In a complex and evolving regulatory climate where the risks associated with noncompliance are ever-increasing and enforced, Q EHS Enterprise assures compliance and lays the groundwork for you improve your sustainability performance.

Q EHS Enterprise centralizes, tracks, and analyzes your EH&S data and practices across all facilities to provide a reliable audit of your EH&S compliance status.The metrics and graphs you retrieve from Q EHS Enterprise enable quick responses to compliance issues and to other EH&S risks (operational, maintenance, safety, audit tasks, etc.).

Q EHS Enterprise is built on a foundation that incorporates your company’s fundamental data—its business practices, inventory, material specification, and operational organization—to generate reliable metrics and improve the efficiency of your EH&S management processes.

The Q EHS Enterprise system is configurable to allow you to deploy only the components that meet your organization’s compliance and reporting needs. Specifically, it contains modular solutions for Environmental Reporting, Health and Safety, EHS Management and SDS authoring and generation as well as a Business Intelligence Dashboard.

  • Protect your employees' health and safety in the workplace
  • Reduce your risk exposure associated with noncompliance
  • Improve the efficiency of your current EH&S information management processes
  • Shift your focus from compliance to sustainability and CSR