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Radio Frequency Locators


UIT also uses traditional RFLs from manufacturers such as Radiodection, and Vivax/Metrotech to further enhance its utility mapping capabilities. These instruments operate by tracing an electromagnetic field induced onto an electrically conductive utility by a transmitter or by measuring the passive signals carried along a utility. The signal strength is read in the field and a mark that is later surveyed is placed on the ground indicating the location of the utility buried beneath. Additionally, UIT uses the SPAR300 in select utility mapping applications.

This is an advanced RFL instrument coupled to precision GNSS and RTS systems that automatically measures and calculates the location of the buried utility, including obtaining a depth measurement, and does not require the user to be directly on top of the utility. One of the benefits of the SPAR300 is that it is able to quantify the error associated with the utility mapping measurements, which enables error bars and confidence levels to be determined and plotted.

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