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- Version 1.0 - Multiple Source Air Quality Modeler and Analyzer

RAM1.0 is a Gaussian-plume dispersion multiple source air quality simulation software, used in various Windows-based microcomputers. The model and algorithm of this software is based on revised RAM-EPA (EPA/600/8 – 87/046), with easy-to-use GUI, self-contained map support tool, 2- and 3-D visualization and analysis kits as well as help system. Functions of the powerful and user-friendly map support tools for pre- and post-processing include map-scale determination, point- and area-source orientations, 4 types of point-source symbols with selectable 3 sizes, geometrical date auto-inserter to tables, receptors' dispose, digital map background, map enlargement, shrink, storage and printing. RAM1.0 can be used for air quality analysis and assessment in the regions affected by multiple source emissions; it also can be used for teaching courses relative to environmental education, air quality simulation and control, and pollutant transport.

'RAM 1.0 Software for Gaussian-Plume Multiple Source Air Quality Simulation', American Journal of Applied Sciences 2 (2): 533-538, 2005.

●RAM1.0 consists of RAM model, corresponding algorithm, GUI, map support tool and help system.

●RAM 1.0 calculates short-term (for a period from one hour to one year) pollutant concentrations and/or concentration fields  from multiple point and/or area sources at a user-specified region in level or gently rolling terrain.

●In one calculation, the software allows the allocation of up to 250 point-sources and 100 area-sources.

●The pollutants considered by the software are relatively non-reactive, such as sulfur dioxide (SO2) and suspended particulates.

●Plume rise is calculated following the methods of Briggs and both boundary rice and momentum rise are included.

●For the calculation of concentration field, the software can set up a maximum of 9000 grid nodes.

●RAM 1.0 can generate various fine 2-D and 3-D graphics for input data and calculated output results.

●The local analysis in 2-D graphics is provided for calculating and displaying the values of maximum, minimum and mean concentrations in any interesting rectangle.

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