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Real Time Trend Mode


 This screen shows low level detection of Nitric Acid vapor in a semiconductor cleaning process. The concentration range falls within 100ppb to 50ppm. Analysis speeds may be down as low as 10ms / gas. Data is continuously stored in WRT time and may be reviewed at any time during analysis.

Up to 64 different separate gas components may be added by simply including the relevant mass number/s in the software analysis matrix. Absolute Concentration verses time values (ppb, ppm, %) are possible by creating a matrix in software that contains the gas component, the relevant mass number/s and the maximum span concentration of the gas component of interest. There is only a need for a single “span” gas mixture to be provided to make a calibration of concentration and takes only a few seconds to perform. It is also possible to make a “zero” gas calibration if extra low concentration are expected within the analysis.

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