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- Cross Section Interpretation



Increase the accuracy of your reservoir model, and speed up your interpretation workflow by interactively repositioning your 2D and 3D cross sections using exclusive dynamic cross section technology.

What’s Included?

  • Create well-to-well and arbitrary cross sections
  • Move interactively through 3D space, seeing well, horizon, fault, and seismic projections update automatically using dynamic cross section tools
  • Interactively drag and drop well and inter-well picks to precisely define stratigraphic frameworks
  • Switch between 16 unique cross section views with a single button click to view stratigraphic datums, seismic backdrops, horizontal wells, and true stratigraphic thickness cross sections

The Recon Advantage

  • Focus on reducing subsurface interpretation risks using advanced dynamic cross sections instead of learning complicated workflows to reposition cross sections
  • Combine well logs, seismic, production data, and hyperlinks into multi-disciplinary cross-sections ideal for management communication and decision support

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