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- Remote Data Acquisition Software


REDAS-5 software through a simplified and friendly operator interface allows to take full control of the OCEAN SEVEN 3xx probes easing real time acquisition, configuration of unattended acquisition cycles and uploading of data stored in the OCEAN SEVEN probes memory. REDAS-5 program is a true 32bit Windows application which runs flawlessly on Windows 98SE, ME, 2K and XP. REDAS-5 shows graphically and numerically the acquired data allowing the operator to dynamically change the graphical and numerical setup during data acquisition. Post-processing functions and data extraction procedures in function of time, pressure or numerical intervals can be applied to acquired data in real time or on data retrieved from the probe memory. Among the operations that REDAS can perform is worth to mention: automatic start and stop of data acquisition; management of the bottle sampling (Rosette); Processing and filtering of acquired data in real time; Acquisition of geographical coordinates from a GPS device; Acquired data conversion in text files; automatic scaling of the graphical window X and Y axis.

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