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webCO2Plus is the premier greenhouse gas calculation and management application designed to meet your needs today and in the future. Built using the latest web technology, the webCO2Plus user interface is easy to navigate and configure to meet your GHG reporting needs.


webCO2Plus is built to be fully compliant with the US EPA 40 CFR Part 98 Mandatory Greenhouse Gas reporting rule. All required reportable items are entered, configured or calculated and then output into the official EPA e-GGRT XML format for direct upload to the EPA reporting website. webCO2Plus also supports The Climate Registry calculation methodology for non US companies and assets. The system also supports multiple languages and unit systems, allowing use across any geographical region. Central management of the the system allows for access across any number of locations.

webCO2Plus supports multiple GHG calculation methods incorporating the necessary environmental calculation methodologies directly in the system logic. IEA engineers keep reporting agency requirements up to date to ensure you can meet ever changing record keeping and reporting requirements. In addition, the calculation engine can be customized with your own equations should there be deviations from published methodologies.


webCO2Plus includes the capability to define and store the elements necessary for a fully auditable GHG system including process flows, analytic data, meter calibrations, monitoring plans, and agency specific reportable items. Where applicable, agency specific reporting formats can be generated to streamline your year end reporting.


Forecasting and scenario management allow you to plan for projected changes in emission allowances, operations changes and corporate goals. With consideration for process related effects and project implementation the forcasting capabilities of webCO2Plus allow you to make a comprehensive review of projected emissions. Process changes and projects can be combined in any scenario to form a complete emission and cost anaylsis for future planning.

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