- Emissions Inventory System



regAction webEI (Emissions Inventory) delivers a consolidated solution that simplifies organizational efforts for gathering data, calculating emissions and agency reporting.

Manage emission inventory information in one centralized location. Includes convenient standardized templates for managing emission source, emission point and control device parameters. Maintain historical calculation methodologies for any reporting period. Provides a standardized platform, capable of performing AP-42 calculation methodologies for tanks, combustion, loading, fugitives, etc. Utilize stack test results and published emissions factors for unlimited calculation flexibility. Generate standardized reports for rolling emissions, time period comparisons, pollutants, emission points, emission sources and SARA compounds across organizational hierarchies.

  • Collect, maintain, store and report emission inventory data
  • Provides a comprehensive chemical database containing physical property information to allow for easy definition of materials specific to facility operations
  • Includes a library of calculation methodologies and provides a framework that allows for organization specific calculation definition
  • Demonstrate compliance with permits and regulations
  • Electronic reporting to Federal, State, and Local agencies
  • webEI includes a wide array of standard reports for emission comparison, roll-ups, permit limit checking and detailed source reports

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