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- Regulated Substance Database Module



The Regulated Substance Database (RegSub) Module is the premier List-of-Lists. The List-of-Lists documents employee exposure risks and regulatory impact of hazardous chemicals. RegSub is more than a list of regulated chemicals. In addition to providing the regulatory and/or advisory authority governing a hazardous material, the Regulated Substance Database includes pertinent chemical-specific information from the source. For example, the OSHA PEL's, the ACGIH and SARA Tier II TLV's, RCRA Waste codes, DOT Labels, Hazard Class 313 Reportables, Heavy Metals, VOC's, etc. are included. TSCA and Canadian DSL Inventories are even included. The European Union's REACh Annex XIV and XVII Substances will soon be added. A full-time editor assures that RegSub is accurate, thorough, and up-to-date.

  • Highest Quality Regulated Chemicals Database
  • a 'must have' for GHS/SDS authoring
  • 160+ international, federal, state and advisory sources
  • 205,000 regulated substances
  • Key limits, regulations, and agency documentation included
  • Quickly diagnose regulatory impact of materials used, and generated waste

  • Browser Based Access
  • 160+ Source Lists
  • 205,000+ Regulated Substances
  • Substance Name / CAS# / List / List Attribute Searches
  • Boolean Searches
  • Source List Bibliography, Synopsis, links to Source Agencies and Database Glossary
  • Sponsor-A-List Program
  • Updated Quarterly
  • Annual Licensing

  • Highest Quality Regulated Chemical Database
  • Current chemical Regulatory Information
  • Source lists include SARA, OSHA, ACGIH, Homeland Security, Clean Air, VOCs, Clean Water, CERCLA, CA, LA, NY, NJ and many more
  • Current and Proposed Lists
  • Regulatory database includes PELs, RQs, TPQs, RCRA Waste Codes, DOT info, De minimis Levels, Reportable Quantities, ACGIH Limits, and more
  • TSCA and Canadian DSL Inventories
  • Determine employee exposure risks
  • Diagnose Regulatory Impact of materials used, and generated waste

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