Regular Routes

In Commercial & Industrial waste (C&I) or Construction & Demolition (C&D) or other waste management services such as Medical or Liquid services, there may be a need to schedule regular collections. In Wastedge Regular Route management we assign account customers' services to a Route by selecting services setup against customer accounts per bin-type, waste type and collection cycle frequency.

The system can then generate jobs from this regular services master list on a daily or weekly basis, subject to the service frequency and cycle (eg 1/WK or BW-bi-weekly)

The generated jobs can be viewed on the Wastedge Job-list and runsheets or job dockets printed. Alternately they may be dispatched out to Mobile PDAs or OnBoard systems for drivers to confirm jobs as they do them.

Dispatch direct to Mobile or Onboard systems can save an hour per day per driver. That means they can generate 12.5% more revenue with the same resources. Onboard run confirmation can also save up to one admin staff per ten drivers in runsheet handling

Wastedge Maps can show route plotting and GPS trails help you review and optimise route sequences.

KPI's / Measures:

Bins or Lifts per hour per run or driver Kilometres travelled per Cubic metre or per ton Revenue and tipping cost averages per metre or per ton per run or per driver.

Wastedge’s regular route management business process support functionality helps:
  • Streamline the scheduling of regular services with minimal admin effort,
  • Easily schedule odd collection cycles and pick-up frequencies (e.g. each 3rd Friday)
  • Ease and speed up logging if ring-in requests (even let your customers log their own requests)
  • Generate daily collection run-lists for print or download (or upload from your in-house system)
  • Link directly to driver mobiles for download worklists on log-in
  • Instant dispatch of late ring-ins where driver has not yet passed that service point
  • Makes confirming run sheets easy either by direct driver confirmation or adjustment by
  • exception for only those jobs that changed due to blocked access or partial pickups.
  • Consolidate collection charges and rental fees into one invoice weekly or monthly and then
  • pass summary invoice details into your MYOB or Quickbooks with seamless integration.

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