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HYKAS is a powerful program, allowing dimensioning and detection of sewerage networks while meeting all standards for state-of-the-art hydraulic calculation software. Based on latest software technology, HYKAS provides you with all required calculation methods for dimensioning and detection of sewerage networks.

Time coefficient method: Calculation of the rainfall by KOSTRA DWD 2000, Reinhold, ÖKOSTRA (Austria), Hörler/Rhein (Switzerland)

Hydrodynamic sewerage network calculation with implicit computation core (SWMM), analysing tool for calculation result evaluation, hydrodynamic long term continuous simulation, hydrodynamic pollution load simulation.

HYKAS enables you to adapt to all requirements, performing hydraulic calculations based on a rainfall event, rainfall event groups or heavy rainfall series. If you have access to continuous rainfall records, HYKAS can execute a hydrodynamic long term continuous calculation.

As a result, you'll get the network's (actual) continuous performance, e.g. the volume flow at special structures in arbitrary periods, resolved monthly or yearly. A powerful analysing tool helps you to keep track of complex networks and hydraulic conditions, evaluating the calculation results for single rainfalls or the continuum and e.g. computes the recurrence time of events based on the extremum analysis.

HYKAS provides appropriate conclusions of the performance of weirs, pumps, manholes and outflows and offers you an interface to take influence on the calculation based on custom rules that you can define.

HYKAS is an important module when you are processing sewerage networks. The fundamental data concept supports the workflow optimally. Creating theme plans, evaluating the calculation results graphically, executing a sewerage state rating, costing or asset valuation, measuring house connections or special structures or importing a tv inspection - all information is held in one single database.

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