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The canal information system KAREL enables you to measure and present all relevant data concerning a sewerage network.

The project database (Microsoft Access format) contains data about conduits, manholes, inflows, catchment areas and special structures. Basically, KAREL covers the sewerage state and its rating, restoration planning, costing, asset valuation, hydraulic service capability and operating interests.

Numerous interfaces provide an easy way to interchange geometric, hydraulic, economic and inspection data with sewerage investigators.

KAREL performs an automatic sewerage state rating and enables restoration planning. While many evaluation report samples are included, you can still create your own customized reports on the database.

Our graphical planning system GraPS (AutoCAD application) can visualize the data measured with KAREL. GraPS provides many functions to access KAREL's database directly from the graphical representation, and it can display database reports as well as the results of queries, the sewerage state and the restoration planning right in the site plan.

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