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Reprorisk System - Evaluations of Reproductive Effects of Drugs and Chemicals



Evaluations of reproductive effects of drugs and chemicals from a hazard potential identification, exposure reduction, medical and legal perspective. Complete reproductive risk collection from databases worldwide.

Complete health assessments of typical industrial chemicals from a reproductive hazard standpoint. Assessments include:

  • Effects of acute, chronic exposures on human reproduction; carcinogenic, genetic influences
  • Physical factors like heat, noise, radiation
  • Risk-reduction prioritization
  • Dual Health Hazard Ranking System for general toxicity and ”grade-card“ scale
  • Program development for employee protection

Human reproduction and development effects of chemical environments from the Reproductive Toxicology Center, Bethesda, MD:

  • All reproductive aspects – fertility, male exposure, lactation
  • Reproductive influences of chemicals, natural radiation, drugs, nutritional agents

Current details on teratogenic agents like chemicals, food additives, household products, environmental pollutants, pharmaceuticals, viruses:

  • Research methods, results
  • International cities studied

Summaries of teratogenic effects of drugs and environmental agents ratings, explaining reproductive risk by domestic, international, generic, proprietary names. Documents include:

  • Agent name, number
  • Summary of teratogenic effects
  • Risk management
  • Data quality, quantity

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