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Connected weighing and more! Unfold the full potential of our modern weighing technology by integrating it into your goods management and sales promotion. METTLER TOLEDO supports you with a number of flexible and user-friendly software solutions for your Price and Item management, Scale management, and visual merchandising at the Point-of-Sale.

METTLER TOLEDO software makes it easy to maintain scale data and evaluate your sales. It supports a large number of interfaces in order for you to be able to easily integrate our weighing technology into your IT infrastructure and boosts your sales with applications for visual merchandising on the scale display.


bC Line Checkout Software

One device, many benefits: the METTLER TOLEDO counter scales of the bC Line are reliable and high-performing all-rounders that accompany you with tapping new sales channels.

Service, scan, pre-pack, receive payment: with the bC Line Checkout Software you are expanding your bC Line weighing technology to a high-performance integrated solution that supports all sales channels – from classic counter sale in the specialty shop and delivery service for major clients to take-away counters and catering.



Secured data for your goods management: the checkout scale L2-SCA1 ensures higher returns through exact article recording at checkout. L2-SCA1 impresses with very good ergonomics as well as being by compatible with popular cash register systems.

The modular designed checkout scale L2-SCA1 supports different scanners of your choice, such as Datalogic and Scantec models. This allows you to integrate the scale in accordance with the individual demands of your checkout area.


UC3 Image Library

Makes you long for more: METTLER TOLEDO supplies you with an extensive library of fresh motives for your fruit and vegetables department. With UC3 Image Library, you can really put a spotlight on the fresh assortment displayed on the touchscreen of your UC3 Line scales.

Consistent and integrated in appearance, clearly identifiable article illustrations – this way you can make self-service weighing even more easy and convenient for your customers. Whether it’s exotic fruit or apples, tomatoes and bananas: the UC3 Image Library is at home in many kitchens of the world – suitable for your fruit and vegetable assortment.


UC3 Line Checkout Software

Simplify your sales! With the UC3 Line checkout software you are expanding your METTLER TOLEDO weighing technology to a high-performance integrated solution for weighing and paying at the service counter. That saves time and money, simplifies and accelerates your work flow and avoids unnecessary waiting times for your customers.

With UC3 Line weighing technology plus UC3 Line checkout software you are opting for an optically and functionally integrated solution. This way, you can focus on what really matters: your business!

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