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The Risk Intelligence Platform (RIPL) application is our flagship product for pipeline integrity management programs worldwide. RIPL was designed by pipeline integrity engineers for pipeline integrity engineers. RIPL’s powerful flexibility provides support for most any typical integrity management activities, including risk assessment, in-line inspection management and indirect inspection management; all in a single central application ensuring a trusted system of record for all pipeline data and analysis needs.

American Innovations’s RIPL software is a mission-critical application that supports compliance and risk management functions by integrating large quantities of data from disparate sources (including PODS, ArcGIS, GIS and other relational geospatial databases).

RIPL facilitates regulatory compliance and enables active pipeline risk management by providing in-depth risk analysis. Its flexible and powerful platform provides a comprehensive overview of system data, and supports informed and verifiable risk management decisions.

This powerful software maximizes return on investment for preventative and mitigative measures as well as ongoing maintenance.

Data Integration
Accommodates wide variety of distribution and operator pipeline data and minimizes time spent acquiring, organizing and validating information

Compliance Solution
Supports regulatory compliance and provides audit path from source data to final results

Data Alignment
Manages inspection data through time. Visualization of multiple anomaly features with reports, linear graphing and GIS

Risk Assessment & Analysis
Threat-screening analysis and quantitative/qualitative risk rankings for prioritization & monitoring of inspection activities

Powerful Direct Assessment Tools
For external corrosion, internal corrosion and stress corrosion assessment

Relentless Support, Training & Implementation
Supports RIPL & System Analyzer implementation, configuration and data analysis

  • Data Integration & Validation: Brings volumes of data from all sources, including PCS, PODS, ArcGIS & other GIS databases, into a single data repository.
  • Risk Reduction Scenarios: Facilitates regulatory compliance with Preventive and Mitigative Measures (P&MM) requirements and provides for active risk management through various risk reduction “what if?” scenario capabilities.
  • Anomaly Management: Stores and aligns ILI data and allows comparison with other critical integrity data.
  • Direct Assessment: Integrates data to determine HCAs and assessment regions, classifies assessment data, prioritizes excavation sites and analyzes data to determine remaining live and/or re-assessment intervals.
  • Data Visualization & Reporting: Provides multiple tools to access and analyze results, including tornado diagrams, linear graphs, risk matrixes and templates. Includes System Analyzer Lite to render and symbolize stationed RIPL variables in map format.
  • System Analyzer: By leveraging a pipeline operator’s existing GIS data sets, System Analyzer produces easy-to-read, map-centric visual representations of data for key stakeholders. System Analyzer Lite is included with the RIPL software package and provides users with the ability to:
  • Render and symbolize any stationed RIPL variable in a map
  • Create legend categories based on multiple statistical methods
  • Manage layers in groups
  • Offset RIPL layers
  • Save and retrieve map templates
  • Perform scenario comparisons

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