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Technological and environmental risk analysis is a major application domain for model-based decision support systems. RiskWare supports three major application domains in a common, fully integrated environment with shared data bases: risk assessment, risk management, technical training.

The RiskWare management information system is designed to support implementation of risk management regulations such as the Seveso II Directive (96/82/EC) of the European Union and related national legislation.

The RiskWare system combines data bases (hazardous installations, safety reports, hazardous substances MSDS, etc.) with an environmental GIS and a number of dynamic assessment models for the simulation and evaluation of accident scenarios.

All tools can be embedded in RTXPS, a real-time expert system framework for command and control tasks, that provides operational guidance for emergency management based on context sensitive, intelligent instruction manuals expressed in the systems KnowledgeBase.

A modular object oriented design, client-server implemenation, interactive and dynamic analysis with state-of-the-art simulation models, extensive artificial intelligence features, multi-media formats, and support for Internet access to risk information are main features of the system.

RiskWare is an integrated risk management information and decision-support system available both in stand-alone workstation implementations and as a distributed, web-based client-server system integrating high-preformance cluster computing for real-time performance; RiskWare integrates the results of a series of international RTD projects:

  • CENVIS the third generation risk management information system for the Netherlands, national scope;
  • A-TEAM Advanced Technical training for Emergency Assessment and Management, an IST RTD Project funded by the European Commission;
  • DCAG Chemical Process Industry: Plant level accident scenarios for Ammmonia release: Donauchemie AG, Pischelsdorf, Lower Austria
  • HITERM High-Performance Computing and Networking for technological risk assessment and management, an Esprit HPCN DSS Project;
  • NIR risk assessment for Non-Ionizing Radiation, a case study of Liguria, Italy;
  • XENVIS A technological risk assessment information system for the Netherlands;
  • GRIBS An information system for chemical, biological, and nuclear hazards for the City of Basel, Switzerland;
  • SIGRIC SIstema di Gestione RIschio Chimico, an implementation for the province of Pisa, Italy.


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