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River Flood Modelling Software


By incorporating high resolution topographic data and surveyed river cross sections FlowrouteTM is used to model the extent, depth, velocity and duration of river floods. Complex flows around buildings and other man-made structures are modelled accurately, leading to FlowrouteTM performing better than leading 1d-only flow models which do not have the capability to model out-of-bank flows. FlowrouteTM is used to model flooding across all different scales of catchment, from large rivers such as the River Saale which flows through Jena (see above) to small streams and tributaries.

With FlowrouteTM you can:

  • Predict flood extents and depth
  • Protect critical assets at risk
  • Prevent losses from surface water flooding
  • Improve insurance risk rating and loss estimation

Ambiental's team of risk managers and hydrological modellers provides expert advice and data to reduce your exposure to flood risk.

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