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- Version III - Rock Slope Stability Software


RockPack III is a package of programs useful for all phases of rock slope analysis and design.

  • Kinematic stereonet analyses for rock slope stability
  • Markland’s test
  • Computerized data collection
  • Plane Failure Analysis
  • Wedge Failure Analysis (Rapid and Comprehensive)
  • Toppling Failure Analysis
  • Considers water pressures, surcharges, & seismicity
  • Includes artificial support design

RockPack III is a package of programs useful for all phases of rock slope analysis and design where stability is controlled by the orientations and characteristics of rock mass discontinuities (joints, bedding, foliations, faults, etc). RockPack III is applicable to practically all rock excavations, including highway roadcuts, quarries, mines, and building excavations.

RockPack III is designed to support the user from data collection through geologic analysis by stereonet to safety factor calculations by limit equilibrium methods and finally to slope design and design of artificial support if required. Capabilities include computerized field data collection, stereonet analyses to identify possible failure types, safety factor calculations for potential failures, and design of rockbolt or cable support, to mention only a few.

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