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- Geological, Geo-Environmental and Borehole Data Management System


Rockworks is an industry leading geological data management, analysis and display application from Rockware. Now in version 16 Rockworks has evolved over more than 25 years into an application that can be used for almost any geological (oil, gas, petroeum, exploration, mining, quarrying), geo-environmental or geotechnical project. It can also be used in other disciplines such as archaeology.

GeoMEM have been supplying Rockworks to the UK, Ireland and Europe since 1989

Rockwares' channel on YouTube has a collection of (mostly) short videos about various aspects of RockWorks. These include:

  • Introduction to Rockworks; Concepts (2d vs 3D modelling; Volumetrics; Multivariate Modelling).
  • Applications, including (in alphabetical order): Coal; Cone Penetrometer Testing (CPT); Contaminant Plume; Dam Sites; Education; Geotechnical - soil; Geothermal; Groundwater; Hydrocarbon; Hydrochemistry; Industrial Minerals; Landfills; Mining; Oil and Gas Production; Tunneling; Uranium.
  • Case studies: Plume modelling (only one at time of writing).

Main Features

Borehole data based maps

  • Borehole location maps
  • Geology maps
  • Isopach maps
  • Contour maps

XYZ data based maps

  • Point and multivariate symbols maps
  • Contour maps
  • 3D surface maps and terrain models
  • Land grid maps and utilities
  • Survey maps and utilities

3D Solid Models

  • Use RockWorks to create continuous models of your downhole quantitative data (geochemistry, geophysical, geotechnical), your lithology intervals, and/or your fractures. For quantitative data, a variety of modeling algorithms are available; lithology and fracture modeling use data-specific processes.
  • Display the solid model as an isosurface or as all-voxels in the 3D viewer. Filter for specific data values (lithology types or measured values). 3D strip logs can be appended automatically.
  • Morph multiple, time-based solid models for an animated display.

Lithology Solids

  • Display all or selected lithology types in 3D
  • Include a lithology colour legend
  • View volumes of each lithology type

Quantitative Data Solids

  • Display interpolated geochemical, geophysical, geotechnical, or other downhole data as isosurfaces with a variety of colour schemes
  • Easily filter the 3D display for specific data values, and view volumes
  • Insert horizontal and vertical slices
  • Include a colour legend

Fracture Solids

  • Let RockWorks create a solid model of fracture distances, for display as an isosurface in the 3D viewer
  • Append 3D logs with fracture dicsc automatically
  • Filter the 3D display for specific distance tolerances
  • Include horizontal and vertical slices
  • Include a colour legend


RockWorks offers both interactive viewing of volume computations, as well as detailed reports.

Lithology Models

Volumetrics report for a lithology model

  • View the volume of each lithology type right in the 3D window
  • Create a detailed report of the volume of each lithology type, at user-specified intervals. The report can also list percent of material, numbers of nodes, and mass.

Stratigraphy Models

Volumetrics report for a stratigraphy model

  • View the volume of each formation right in the 3D viewer
  • Create a detailed report of the volume of each stratigraphic layer, at user-specified intervals. The report can also list percent of material, numbers of nodes, and mass

Quantitative Models

Volumetrics report for a geochemistry model of arsenic concentrations in soilatigraphy model

  • View the volume of the current quantitative isosurface (geophysical, geochemical, geotechnical) in the RockPlot3D window
  • The computation will be updated as you change the isosurface filter

Vertical and Directional Logs

Include any combination of the following borehole data items in your RockWorks logs

  • Well name
  • Depth labels
  • Stratigraphy colours/patterns/text
  • Lithology colours/patterns/text
  • NEW 1-4 interval-data bargraphs
  • NEW 1-4 point-data curves
  • Aquifer levels
  • Well symbols and pattern blocks
  • Fractures (2D tadpoles, 3D discs)
  • Raster images (BMP, JPG, TIF, PNG, WMF, EMF)
  • NEW Vectors (2D tadpoles, 3D arrows)
  • NEW Well construction diagrams

RockWorks allows you to view your observed downhole data in individual or multiple log diagrams, in 2D and 3D:

Cross Sections

In addition to displaying your borehole data as logs and log sections, RockWorks also allows you to create cross sections of interpolated (modeled) data: lithology distribution, stratigraphic layers, quantitative data distribution (geochemistry, geophysics, geotechnical), fracture proximitiesNEW, aquifer surfaces.

Both single-panel profiles and multi-panel sections are available. Panel endpoints can be defined interactively in a map window, or they can be read from an endpoint list.

All include automatic section location maps, detailed coordinate annotation, and logs can be appended automatically.

Use ReportWorks to create stunning page layouts with maps, legends, scale bars, and more.

Lithology Sections

Display interpolated lithology as profiles and multi-panel sections. These are vertical slices of a solid lithology model. Vertical 2D profile of lithology data

Stratigraphy Sections

Display stratigraphic layers as profiles and as multi-panel sections. Both 'straight' sections with simple linear correlations, and modeled sections, based on grid surfaces, are available.

Quantitative Sections

Display your interpolated geochemistry, geophysical, geotechnical or other quantitative data as single- or multi-panel sections. The panels are vertical slices of a solid model. Include line and/or colour-filled contours on the panels.

Fracture Sections

Display proximity to fractures as single- and multi-panel cross sections. Include line and/or colour-filled contours on the panels.

Aquifer Sections

Aquifer top and base surfaces can be displayed in profile or section diagrams. Overlay strip logs for a stunning look.

Other cross section features

  • Plot vertical axis labels (elevation)
  • Plot horizontal axis labels (distance or x, y coordinates)
  • Plot title and end point labels (e. g. A and A')
  • Plot ground surface profile
  • Overlay strip logs
  • Include lithology, stratigraphy and colour legends

Fence Diagrams

RockWorks can display cross section panels of interpolated (modeled) data in 3D as fence diagrams. Types of data that can be represented as fence diagrams:

  • Lithology distribution
  • Stratigraphic layers
  • Quantitative data distribution (geochemistry, geophysics, geotechnical)
  • Fracture proximities
  • Aquifer surfaces

Panels are easy to draw in a map window; select from regular, pre-configured layouts or draw your own. Or, give the program a list of panel endpoints.

3D strip logs can be appended automatically. Automatic panel location maps are available.

Lithology Fences

  • Display your interpolated lithology in fence panels
  • Include a lithology colour legend and view volumes of the lithology types in the 3D window

Stratigraphy Fences

  • Display interpolated stratigraphic surfaces in fence panels, or display 'straight' linear correlations
  • Include a stratigraphy colour legend
  • Turn individual layers on and off
  • Stratigraphic fences can be created in Shapefile format for display in ArcScene

Quantitative Data Fences

  • Display slices of your interpolated geochemistry, geophysical, geotechnical, or other quantitative data in 3D fence panels
  • Include colour legends
  • Display in combination with an isosurface, and/or append stratigraphic surfaces for reference

Fracture Fences

  • Model fracture locations in 3D and display slices of the model as fence panels
  • Append fracture discs on 3D logs
  • Include a legend to colours and distances

Aquifer Fences

  • Display aquifer surface and base in 3D fence panels
  • Combine with an isosurface representing a contaminant plume
  • Float a reference map above the image

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