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In this latest addition to the tool kit, users can integrate static and dynamic geological property models with lab, core, well and seismic data to generate 4D petro-elastic models for 4D feasibility and time lapse seismic interpretation. The 4D framework delivers exceptional modelling flexibility allowing users to quickly and easily identify and test geological scenarios against seismic observations. Key features include; connectivity to Petrel*, import and combine multiple CPG’s across a model, 4D data grouping/handling, sophisticated geostatistics and 4D rock physics modelling, date varying time-depth relationships, post/pre-stack synthetic modelling, post/pre-stack noise modelling, view date control and 4D residuals. 

Industry Challenges

Significant decommissioning costs approaching as basins mature

  • Requirement to prolong field life and offset decommissioning
  • Maximise economic recovery from tail end production
  • Economic exploitation of small infill opportunities and satellite hydrocarbon pools
  • Effective value of information studies for 4D

Inefficiencies in field management and operations

  • Minimise well spend
  • Drainage strategies not performing to expectation
  • Recovery rates lower than desired
  • Inconsistent validation, risking and ranking of infill hydrocarbon targets
  • Stress changes impacting drilling windows and well bore integrity

Uncertainty in production forecasting and history matching

  • Seismic not fully utilised in static and dynamic model updates
  • Inability to quickly update engineering models and explore and validate production scenarios

RokDoc Reservoir Monitoring

Robust: Establish and implement 4D projects to prolong field life

  • Rapidly construct and investigate integrated elastic shared earth models to identify value of information of 4D
  • Fast 4D modelling for future facilities and development requirements
  • Integrate data across multiple disciplines and plan effective 4D work programmes

Fast: Rapidly identify inefficiencies in the development and production strategy

  • Optimise planned and on-going reservoir development activities
  • Monitor reservoir and well integrity to identify e.g. out-of-zone injection
  • Deliver a pro-active well stock and rate management plan to optimise drive e.g. steer the waterflood
  • Drill highest value wells first

Accurate: Explore, capture and integrate 4D seismic to deliver improved history match

  • Quickly and easily evaluate and validate production scenarios against seismic data
  • Effectively communicate between engineering, geological and geophysical disciplines
  • Single platform, with connectivity to third-party software reduces time wasted and inefficiencies in data transfer
  • Optimise engineering models based on robust 4D seismic interpretation

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