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Bionet Engineering

- Version SW - Automation Control Software


ROSITA is the automation SW that comes with the F0-BABY and F1 lab and pilot equipment series. Intuitive, powerful fast, and flexible, it provides advanced solutions such as:

  • A variety of control loops possibilities beyond the basic parameters of pH, temperature, agitation, gas flows and dissolved oxygen.
  • The possibility to create and manage recipes, in which control loops are configured across several stages and transitions between these stages in the basis of events and/or time are established.
  • Connectivity to analytical devices and complex proprietary modules and integration of their data. The possibilities of this expansion range from the connection of advanced sensors such as online biomass measuring (total and/or viable counts) to the design of additional customised modules for continuous processes, perfusion stages, complex gassing strategies, etc.
  • Visualization and comparative analysis of process parameters and many features that facilitate the navigation across the visual tools.
  • Data registration possibilities, such as the introduction of offline data, and management of results.

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