Alpha MOS Environment

RQ NET SOFTWARE - Odour & gas concentration in real-time

Installed on the PC of the monitoring centre,the RQ Net software continuously shows the odour and pollutant gas (VOC, NH3, H2S or mercaptan) concentrations measured by the RQ Box e-noses. The software can also control external alert or treatment systems when the measured values exceed the preset limits. FEATURES - Data acquisition and processing - Automatic control of external systems - Calibration management - Traceability - Data export to spreadsheet software - Routine and Expert user profiles - Configuration settings BENEFITS - Remote view of results - Odour measurement in regulatory odour unit (e.g.ouE/m3) - Decision-making tool - Easier communication with local players, based on instrumental measurements - Graphical presentation for quick analysis of results - Seamless integration with alert or treatment systems - Full traceability of measurements and operations - Flexible and configurable system - Interfaces available in 7 languages