SAFER Enterprise Solution


SAFER Enterprise Solution (SES) is a customized corporate solution that includes open software licensing, comprehensive system design and implementation, software maintenance, ongoing training, and weather stations maintenance programs.

Why a Customized Corporate Solution?

To achieve maximum benefit from its investment in Emergency Management Solutions, a company needs consistent application of the emergency response tools. This includes personnel who are knowledgeable and well trained to use the system to obtain the fastest and most reliable results.

SES is designed to assure a successful application leading to defendable and reliable response planning across the corporate domain. We apply the power of SAFER’s suite of software products, support, and services to a company’s Emergency Response and Consequence Analysis program to effectively meet its needs both functionally and financially.

SAFER Real-Time® plume modeling

Software Licensing

  • A combination of SAFER Real-Time®, SAFER Central, and SAFER TRACE™.
  • The Customer’s enterprise-wide software license is a “right-to-copy” of the included products for a specified term. The license copies are perpetual.

Software Support

  • All premium SAFER Systems Software Support program features are included.

Customer Success Engineer

  • A Customer Success Engineer (CSE) is a SAFER specialist who hones the procedures and use of SAFER technology within the corporation. The CSE’s sole purpose is to assure that the Customer is prepared for anything from a simple study to the management of a loss of containment event. The CSE is available for emergency calls seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and can be dedicated to the organization up to 100%.

Services (in addition to the dedicated CSE)

  • Engineering Services may be used for engineering analysis, map and scenario development, meteorological siting, gas monitoring studies, and installation.
  • Training programs and materials including initial and ongoing site training.
  • An annual meteorological audit to ensure that each site’s weather station is examined, repaired, updated, and certified on an annual basis.

Benefits of an SES Program

  • Open Licensing. SES is ideal for medium to larger companies. It promotes better design and allows each plant to use the level of software they need for success.
  • Component Customization. Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) initiatives, existing software tools, workforce, and industry focus are all assessed and a program is designed to meet corporate requirements.
  • Software Support. Substantial savings on support costs are realized with this program and every plant is always using the same level of technology.
  • Dedicated Engineer. A dedicated Customer Success Engineer is focused to assure the success of the SAFER products and applications as designed for the Customer.
  • Consistency. With SES, the company applies response activities consistently. This can be further leveraged by allowing plants to share ideas, procedures, training, and support assets.

SAFER Software Products

  • SAFER Central – The ability to run all SAFER Real-Time® systems from a central platform allows corporate assets access to each plant’s emergency response solution.
  • SAFER Real-Time® – The premier fixed facility emergency response program. Customized for each plant site and operationally ready 24/7/365.
  • SAFER TRACE™ – Allows the Customer’s engineers to technically analyze a wide variety of dispersion, fire, explosion, and particulate simulations.

SAFER Systems works closely with major customers to build and implement corporate solutions for a customer-specific SAFER Enterprise Solution.

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