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SDS Explorer has been providing affordable web based SDS Management Software since 2002. It is used by a wide range of clients consisting of small business, medium sized manufacturers, global manufacturers, school systems, hospitals, government agencies and more. It is popular because of the simplicity at the heart of the system. It offers the ability for you to decide how much involvement you want from M3V. You may outsource all of your SDS functions or you may manage your library with complete autonomy.

What does SDS Explorer offer? SDS Explorer offers a very simple and easy to use interface, an affordable way for you to track and deploy your library, an unlimited library size, an unlimited number of users and administrators, an unlimited number of exports, and ongoing unlimited support all at no additional charge.

What does SDS Explorer NOT offer? It is not a system that will fill out accident report forms, offer inventory control, recommend chemical alternatives, assist with SARA Tier II or Form R reporting, etc. SDS Explorer is designed for OSHA Compliance, Employee Right to Know, and SDS deployment. For more robust chemical management, please see our other software application Chemical Management Navigator.

Cost - How affordable is this, really? Our average client pays us around $540 - $810 per year. The only extra fees occur when you ask us to do something additional such as creating or updating your library. For example, if you have one facility, the cost is $540 per year (or $50 per month) for access to the web based software. If you load your own pdf files and do your own updating, this is all you pay regardless of how many records you have, how many administrators, users, etc. Our typical client either creates their library themselves or they ask us to do the initial library creation and then they add the new records as they come in. However you may outsource that to us as well, if you choose.

If you want to get us involved, the cost can vary depending on how many SDS's you want our help with, but the average pricing is:

Library creation. $1.50 - $2.50 per SDS. You may send us your paper copy binders, or a chemical list, or pdf files of your existing collection and we will do the heavy lifting and create your library.
Updating. $1 - $2 per SDS.
Please contact us for a written, formal proposal. or 866-388-4815.

Ease of use - It makes no difference how big and powerful a software application is if it is difficult to use. Although your employees may simply be looking in your library to see PPE or hazard information, the chances are that they either have an inspector standing over their shoulder or more importantly, there is an employee who is in trouble. With SDS Explorer, they can go to one single search field and simply type in anything they know about the chemical and it comes right up. After all, isn't that the real reason you are looking for a software solution in the first place?

Competitors - What makes SDS Explorer so different? Aren’t there lots of vendors offering something similar? Most competitors have a business model that consists of a giant library of SDS's that you search and select which of their collection you would like to put into your 'binder'. The strength of this model is that they have an army of people constantly updating their library of millions of SDS's and yours will always be current. The downfall of this business model is 3-fold.

Cost. An army of people updating a library of millions of SDS's is incredibly expensive. It is not unusual to see people pay $6 - $12 per SDS in this environment. With SDS Explorer, if you choose to have us update your library, the cost is (at the most) $2 per SDS. If you choose to update your library yourself, the cost is as low as $50 per month, for unlimited access.

Time. If you search a library with millions of SDS's and try to find a chemical such as 'Go-Jo Soap', 'Windex', 'Duracell Batteries', etc., you will see at least 350 results per search. You must individually open each one to determine if it represents the flammable aerosol, non-flammable liquid, wipes, industrial strength, ready to use, etc. It can take 30 - 45 minutes per chemical just to create your library.

Data ownership. With the 'big library' competitors, you are literally borrowing their property. The image of the SDS and the data behind their software used for searching your collection belongs to the vendor, not to you. SDS Explorer is the exact opposite. At any time you may export all or any part of your library for offline compliance no cost. You may also export all of the data behind your library to an excel sheet at any time. You may include data such as Product Name, Manufacturer Name, First Aid Information, Facility location, Department within a facility, etc. This makes a great tool to give to your local fire department - a complete chemical inventory and where they are located in your facility.

Ongoing support - We are the only vendor to offer free and unlimited training and technical support. It is to our advantage to ensure that you and your employees are comfortable with the software and know how to use it. We would rather have you call us 100 times a week, than to ever be frustrated with our software. Support can consist of a simple phone call or e-mail, but it can also include on demand one on one webinars and/or group webinar training sessions. Really, there is no catch. You are never left on your own.

EMERGENCY Information! In the event of an emergency, what do you want to communicate to your employees? Yes, you want them to be able to quickly find and view an SDS. But beyond that, what do you want to tell them? Imagine this scenario… is after normal hours and someone has ingested a toxic chemical. Do they induce vomiting or will the risk of aspiration possibly ruin their lungs? Do they call 911? What is the phone number for the emergency room nearest to this facility? How can you show your emergency response plan to a first responder?

Because you are using your own personalized, private library, there are things that SDS Explorer offers that you can't get with a giant shared library. When a chemical has been located in your library, with a single click on the emergency button you may display information such as:

- In case of emergency, dial 911 (you may need to dial 9 to get an outside line)
- National Poison Control Center: 800-222-1222
- Kettering Hospital emergency room: 555-555-5555
- Good Samaritan Hospital emergency room: 555-555-5555
- Dave Smith, safety coordinator - ext 191, cell: 555-555-5555
- Emergency response plan click here: Emergency Response Plan

FIRST AID: Ingestion: DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Lower victims head between their knees and call physician immediately.

Skin contact: Flush with copious amounts of luke warm water. Remove contaminated clothing promptly. Seek medical attention.

Inhalation: Move to fresh air in case of accidental inhalation of vapors. Obtain medical attention.

Eye Contact: In case of contact, immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes and get medical attention if irritation persists.

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