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Management standards such as ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ILO-OSH3001 or MASE… are inended to facilitate control and reduce EHS risks. Whether or not your company is certified, the information which contributes to controlling your impacts and risks should be managed as well as possible.

At site level or as part of a group approach, Tennaxia EHS Management Software allows you to:

  • Conduct your environmental analysis and your risk assessment,
  • Identify your significant impacts and your priority risks,
  • Put in place a management programme that includes your control objectives and your action plans,
  • Issue instructions to work stations.
  • Risks are controlled,
  • Accidents, environmental damage and associated costs are reduced,
  • Discussions between sites and management of the group are made easier,
  • Regulatory obligations are met,
  • Your management systems are made more durable (ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, MASE etc.).
  • Risk assessment functions.
    – Detailed survey of your working units, HS risks and means of control,
    – Determine which ones are a priority by ranking them,
    – Define alerts,
    – Create appropriate job specifications (also known as “work station instructions”).
  • Environmental analysis functions.
    – Detailed survey of your activities, Environmental aspects and impacts and means of control,
    – Determine which ones are signficant by ranking them,
    – Plan any preventive actions that you might wish to take.
  • Management programme and action plan management functions.
    – The software puts forward a series of objectives that allow an EHS management programme to be constructed and organized,
    – Plan any preventive actions that you might wish to take (it includes a practical monitoring and intelligent update system),
    – The effectiveness of actions, budgets and costs is therefore taken into consideration.
What makes us different
  • A solution facilitating integration Environment and Safety.
  • All our solutions are 100% on-line and can be introduced very quickly,
  • A 100% service solution: our consultants will support you throughout your project, including during its operational phase (see Services, below).
  • Measured package prices,

Our services

Initial advice and configuration

We will analyse your needs and offer advice on the best configuration for you. We will fully configure your package, 100% customised (with the ability to add in historical data).


We provide overall management of training in the use of the software, adapted to your various user profiles. We are here to assist you with organizing training (managing invitations, monitoring registrations, etc.).

Our consultants are available to roll out the application quickly and enable everyone to work in their own area, whatever their job.


Our hot-line is available to all users

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