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Sample Preparation System


The capillary method is the most exact method used for determination of viscosity of Newtonian Fluids. One of the main factors that can limit the accuracy of this method is preparation of the sample. If the sample weight is not recorded correctly or the solvent used to dissolve the polymer is not delivered properly, errors in the results will occur.

  • Samples are prepared to exact concentrations
  • Volumetric or Gravimetric delivery of solvent
  • PC or Terminal control available

Lab Synergy is proud to introduce SAM, the most flexible & precise sample preparation system on the market today. SAM brings the following sample preparation features to your lab:

  • Limitless method & data storage (when using SAM software with PC)
  • Operation of up to four burettes using various solvents
  • Automatic sample weight transfer from a balance
  • Solvents can be delivered Volumetrically or Gravimetrically
  • Connection to a sample changer for complete automation

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