Scale Manager Software


Mayer Scale Manager is an integrated scale receiving application that links directly with your scale hardware to reduce the keying of weights and the possibility for scale related fraud.

The Scale Manager application is optimized for high traffic yards dealing with retail or cash trade or industrial accounts and utilizes keyboard based shortcuts to enable operators to quickly weigh vehicles in and out of the yards.

With additional features such as automatic price and freight allocation, cheque printing, multiple weighing functionality and the option of having multiple weigh stations, Scale Manager can provide increased productivity to the scale weighing operation.

All in all, Mayer Scale Manager is a comprehensive point-of-sale and point-of-purchase application for quick and east scale receiving and shipping. Read on:

  • Built in resilience through off-line data store. Keeps scale running and collecting valuable information even while main systems are off-line.
  • Handles sales and purchase transactions
  • Single or multi-stage process.
  • Multiple weighings.
  • On site or 'in queue' vehicle listing ability.
  • Unlimited commodities per transaction.
  • Trackable, independent vendor descriptions for each commodity line.
  • Allows both account and non-account transactions for large vendors and 'one-off' peddler trade.
  • Manual or automatic price entry, contract or no-contract.
  • Allows weight or amount deductions per commodity line.
  • Material Movements and Sorting.
  • Baling.
  • Easy to use windows interface.
  • Single key searching for vendors, customers, freight carriers, commodities and contracts.
  • Option of linking directly to scale for direct interface of scale weighing, no manual weights entered.
  • Multi-line or grades per transaction.
  • Eliminates mistakes and possible fraud.
  • Live, real-time or delayed information.
  • Full event log per transaction, identifies changes and strange events.
  • Fast cutting of checks for materials, freight and other services right at the scale
  • Creates full documentation including purchase and sale tickets and inspection documents
  • All produced documents ie. tickets, bills of lading etc. customizable by the customer

  • Single view weigh screen: Comprehensive, single view weighing screen
  • Track on-site loads: Keep track of vehicles on-site or 'in queue'
  • Quick Selections: Pop-up boxes enable quick lookup and selection of commodities, vendors and other information
  • Automatic price allocation: Automatic allocation of material prices based on simple price level system or contracts
  • Customizable print layouts: Fully customizable receiving slips, shipment documents, cheques/checks and other scale related documents
  • Known Vehicles: Store common vehicle and vendor information for quick weighing
  • Multi-payment options: Handles purchase, sales and public weigh type transactions with multiple payment methods - industrial AP, retail/peddler, cash/cheque/check
  • Multi-stage process: Complete tickets in one go or through many stages i.e.. truck scale then non ferrous scale then cashier. Built in work-flow
  • Baling: Single screen to enter baling information using an existing purchase ticket or stock pile information
  • Inbuilt Security: Multi-level security
  • Cash Management: Manage multiple cash registers
  • Tagged Inventory: Select from available tagged items for quick building of shipments
  • Audit tracking: Keeps track of key events such as weight changes, price changes etc.
  • Auto or manual weights: Option of scale linked or manually entered weights or combination

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