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The Network Intelligence Portal is a secure cloud-based information service that brings together asset condition and other survey data from across the network in real-time. It gathers data directly from CCTV, ultrasonic and acoustic survey equipment. Using award winning mapping tools, it delivers network insight to the right user at the right time. Provided by SCISYS in close collaboration with Balfour Beatty and JD7 this novel service enables Asset Managers to:

  • Direct & supervise remote ‘no-dig’ survey operations using live site data;
  • Make informed capital and operational expenditure decisions.
  • Develop LEAN and sustainable operations that drive improved operational efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and water footprint, and lower Health & Safety risk exposure for the workforce;
  • Provide assurance that “as built” asset data is held securely, ensuring its availability when needed and its integrity for future re-use;
  • Improve client satisfaction by reducing the time taken to resolve issues
  • Reduce SIM Impact by using a pro-active investigation and data capture, storage and streaming service, avoiding dry holes and conservative customer disruptive fixes.

  • Trusted Supplier: Asset condition data is captured on-site using state-of-the-art surveying technology supplied by JD7 and operated by trained staff.
  • Remote Oversight: Data is available on the desktop in real-time, subject to a suitable network connection in the field, enabling decision makers to manage their time more effectively. 
  • Intuitive User Interface: The map-based interface makes the data accessible and easy to understand.  Analysis tools allow the full detail of the data to be scrutinised, enabling decisions based on the best possible network condition information.
  • Data Security: Video and pipe-wall condition data is held securely to prevent unauthorised access, ensuring data quality and the audit trail are maintained.  Only authorised users can view the data, accessing the system using a secure user name and password.
  • High Availability: Private cloud hosting ensures data is available when required.  Data is backed-up to a separate storage location to ensure business continuity in the unlikely event of data loss on the live service. 
  • Extensible Service: The service is designed to allow new data sources to be incorporated as and when they are required, such as on the introduction of new network inspection technologies.

An increasing number of pipe condition assessment and camera systems provide asset management information in a variety of formats. The SCISYS Network Intelligence Portal will combine all of the data to provide a comprehensive view of this information, enabling focused and astute solution design and delivery. 

By combining the above data, asset managers and capital planners are able to take more effective investment decisions, resulting in better service outcomes for their customers.  This will provide a robust, long term and sustainable solution that delivers a more targeted solution with lower CAPEX, whilst driving progress towards water efficiency and leakage reduction targets.

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