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Seamless Treatment of Time Data


Treatment of time-varying data is slowly becoming more common amongst data-handling software packages. However, in many cases support for time data is implemented as a cumbersome add-on feature.

In Eonfusion, time data is seamlessly treated as a vertex attribute in the data structure and as a fourth coordinate in the scene views. This means that you can sort, analyze and view data across time as easily as you can across spatial coordinates.

Time-varying data is visualized using Eonfusion's 'time slider', a device that you can widen or narrow to modify the visible time window, and slide to modify the absolute position of the time window. The time slider allows continuous variation of the time extents and position - it is not restricted to discrete time blocks.

Eonfusion's unrestricted scales mean that you can load and view data that varies on time scales from picoseconds to millenia, all in the same scene.

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