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Enterprise Decision Analytics (EDA) is the next generation of SEAMS products built around proven modelling and optimisation technology.

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At the core of all our solutions is our proven software, Enterprise Decision Analytics (EDA).  The full suite of EDA modules provides the building blocks for Asset, Portfolio and Financial Modelling.

EDA is highly flexible and configurable, both as a set of underlying services, and as suite of analytics, modelling, optimisation and workflow user interfaces.  Each building block can be individually configured and integrated with other corporate systems, allowing our clients to reflect best practice Asset Management and Investment processes and provide maximum value for all stakeholders, strategically, tactically and operationally.  

This building block approach enables your organisation to design a best-in-class analytics platform that is tailored specifically to your needs.

Each of the EDA modules falls into one of three categories.  These three pillars of analytics provide you with the tools to carry out predictive analytics within your organisation. 

They provide an end to end analytics platform to enable faster, more frequent and efficient decision making:

  • Integration & Automation: The capture, storage, process automation and analysis of the data to drive the decision making process.
  • Modelling & Evaluation: The use of data and analysis to build forecast models to allow optimisation of investment
  • Decision Analytics: Use of the cost, outcome and risk outputs to direct investment and enhance corporate performance management

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