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Seer3D is an application for the visualization of field measurement data and groundwater model results. It includes powerful tools for displaying vector and raster maps as well as presenting wells, boreholes, lithological, and geophysical data.

  • Showcase your work by merging maps, field data and model results into stunning beautiful 3D scenes!
  • Use the intuitive display control tools to emphasize displayed objects by adjusting their transparency and display types between mesh and solid, cropping objects with on-screen crop tools, and adding annotation, logo, and legend.
  • Create animation videos of plume development, water level changes, flow vector field, and flow paths based on measurement data and model results.

Advanced View feature enables you to store arbitrary view points and navigate between them. Present your models with eye-popping 3D stereoscoping display using Quad buffered stereo technology and deliver your Seer3D models with the free Seer3D viewer to your clients for great impression.

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