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Surface waves are easy to record and loaded with information about the subsurface. With SeisImager/SW, data processing is simple, putting the answers you seek at your fingertips.


  • Calculates phase velocity and automatically picks dispersion curve
  • Performs inversion to iteratively seek ID S-wave velocity (Vs) curve or 2D Vscross-section
  • Allows active and passive source dispersion curves to be combined for a high-resolution result over all depths sampled
  • Flexible geometry options suit a wide range of site configurations and conditions
  • analysis based on robust methods: frequency domain tau-p, CMP cross-correlation for active source Multi-channel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW); Spatial Autocorrela- tion (SPAC) for passive source Microtremor Array Measurements (MAM)
  • Includes editing and QC functions, and velocity modelling

Technical Specifications:

Seislmager/SW includes both active source and passive source dataanalysis capability.The high- er frequency data from a sledgehammer source that travels throughshallower depths can be combined with lower frequency data from microtremors that travel through greater depths. Combine the results for one high-resolution plot of S-wave velocity.


Increased signal-to-noise ratio. For 2D active source data, shoot through a fixed spread, roll via software or a roll box, or use a land streamer to collect a series of shots over the length of the sur- vey line. To supplement active source data, passive source microtremor data is collected by manually triggering the seismograph to record 20 records of 32 seconds each.

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