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 SETScrem is a web based real estate administrative process management application for medium and large organizations. The system provides uniform services in a multi-organization and multi-tiered environment while ensuring that access is restricted to each user's and organization's authorized data. Modular implementation of business functions allows configuration for mutually independent small real estate managers as well as for real estate management Application Service Providers.

Functional Scope 1. Real estate management processes

SETScrem processes include:

  • Register – real estate type and structure (including land, building, room group and room), quantitative and financial description, plans and illustrations;
  • Legal status management – including government institution and organization orders, laws and regulations, acceptance certificates, conveyances, co-owner documents for accounting data illustration. Real estate accessibility is based on authorized documents registered within the system specifying current property owner or manager;
  • Usage – rent and lease contract management;
  • Maintenance – maintenance and service contract management;
  • Financial – expenditure/income accounting with interfaces to customers’ ERP and bookkeeping systems.

Supporting processes and their functions can be supplemented depending on user specific needs.

2. Systems Administration Functions

SETScrem functionality includes:

  • Multi-user/multi-organizational systems administration regime;
  • Creation of a hierarchic structural model of the organization and its departments;
  • User registration for system access;
  • Creation of a wide range of access rights based on real estate administrative processes and user types;
  • Maintenance of a wide range of classifiers and codifiers that are necessary for real estate management;
  • Audit record storage and maintenance;
  • Printable documentation generation, help system generation and online editing. Each business module contains reports definition and generation features.


  • The SETScrem Real Estate management system is a web application built on Ajax technologies. It is a Rich Internet Application providing rich client capabilities in a web infrastructure. The goal – to combine the advantages of desktop applications with those of web applications – is achieved by extensive use of internal frames for loading pages as user interface fragments, and inquiring for relevant data asynchronously through web services. The pages themselves are mostly repeatedly used from product infrastructure collections. The pages mostly consist of user controls that generate page fragment contents and layout – master, detail, and search views – based on the applications's business objects.
  • Business functionality is strictly separated from presentation by applying a WCSF Composite Web like application structure and model-viewpresenter-controller design pattern. This allows rapid modification of existing and creation of new business functionality.


  • The current implementation of SETScrem is completely based on the Microsoft platform – .NET 3.5, IIS, IE, SQL Server 2005, ASP.Net, ASP.NET AJAX and its Control Toolkit. User authentication and authorization techniques extend ASP.NET Membership and Profile services. Reports are generated through SQL Server Reporting Services.

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